Kama-Schachter Jewelry

Kama-Schachter Jewelry

Kama-Schachter was founded in 1980 and merged with Leo Schachter Diamonds in 2006. They are one of the largest and most technically advanced diamond jewelry manufacturers in India and supply major retailers and wholesalers in the world's leading jewelry markets. Brilliant Design provides Kama Schachter with creative services including design of their corporate logo, poster design for trade shows, print advertising, copywriting and sales presentations.

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I am Ephy Brilliant – graphic designer, web designer, video director and copywriter. I've been helping clients communicate since 1979. My office is in Israel and I serve clients all over the world in the fields of diamond jewelry, pharmaceuticals, hi-tech, non-profit institutions and whatever field you might be working in. Email me at ebrill@netvision.net.il with a description of your business, and let's see how I can help you.

Diamonds and Jewelry

We have been providing creative services to the diamond industry for more than 20 years including trade show booths, brand development, web design and creating presentations to help diamond manufacturers and jewelers communicate their message to consumers and to the trade.


Brilliant Design & Advertising works with Israel's leading technology companies, designing and producing advertisements, annual reports, brochures, presentations and trade show stands.


We have extensive and specialized experience in design for prescription drug companies such as Teva, Janssen-Cilag and Glaxosmithkline. This includes the creation of product logos, detail aids, brochures and display materials.


In addition to our specialty areas, our clients include non-profit organizations, oil exploration companies, chemical companies and retailers. Contact me at ebrill@netvision.net.il to see how we can help you communicate your message.

Contact Us

Email: ebrill@netvision.net.il
Telephone: +972-9-741- 0772 
Fax: +972-9-741-0396
Office Address: 7 Zarchin Street, Raanana, Israel 

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